The psychology of clicks

Online presence
Clicks. We want lots of them and preferably they come from people in our target audience. Because clicks can turn into leads, and leads into sales. But what actually makes people click, and are there ways that encourage people to click?

The psychology behind one of the most wanted online conversions: clicks


Understanding the psychology behind clicks is crucial for entrepreneurs who want to implement a strong online marketing strategy. Here are some key insights.

1. Visual appeal


People are visually oriented and are attracted to visually appealing content. For example, high-quality images and videos attract attention, but so do figures, infographics or animations. Even using emojis as visual clues can ensure that people will be captivated and start clicking on your links.

2. Relevant content


Do you want people to click on your content? Then research your target audience first. What information is your target group looking for? And does your content provide a valuable and qualitative answer? Users click on content that is relevant and meets their needs and interests. Attracting their attention is one thing, retaining it effectively is only possible by offering relevant content.

3. Emotions


Emotions play a big role in click behaviour. Content that evokes emotions, such as humour, emotion, or surprise, is more likely to get attention. Try to avoid the typical “click baits” and the associated disappointment by effectively offering valuable content, as discussed in point 2.

4. Use call to actions


An effective CTA can be a stimulus for clicks. Use compelling, actionable words to encourage readers to click through. Make it clear that clicking through will add value to their search for information.

5. Radiate authority


People are more likely to click on content from sources they trust and consider an authority. Therefore, it is very important to build your brand and credibility. Sharing content such as case studies, reviews, customer stories, blog posts and realisations, will help you become the reference in your sector.

7. Simplicity


Make it easy for users to click through an intuitive navigation with clear buttons. If it looks complicated, people will drop out.

By offering one-link-for-all, like Aztrix* offers, you easily guide people towards the right click.

8. FOMO (Fear of Missing out)


The feeling of missing out can be a powerful drive for people to click. Using urgent and exclusive offers can be effective an effective method to get people to interact. Think discounts, competitions, temporary promotions and promos.

Finally, it remains essential to experiment and analyse all your collected data. Also listen to your user feedback, and use it to refine and optimise your content strategy.

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