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Aztrix* gathers everything you want to share under one link. Show off your versatility and create your own digital space with Aztrix*.

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Aztrix* is here for brands …

Share your work with followers, clients, or potential partners, and show how you stand out from the crowd. Your brand has a voice. Make sure the world can hear it.


…and for people.

Want to share your travel blog? Your LinkedIn profile? Your creations from that pottery class you took way back when? Or all of the above? Aztrix* helps you show the world your multifaceted self.


Aztrix* is all about simplification. Making things easier. That means we have an answer to any question you might have.

Aztrix* collects all the information you want to share under one link. So, when you create your Aztrix* profile, you decide what you put on there. Think of it as an online business card, or your very own online living room.

The internet is infinite, and that’s part of its power. But this also means our online presence is usually fragmented. There are different parts of you or your brand in all the nooks and crannies of that vast online expanse. Aztrix* helps you show off the whole picture, with one link and a fully customisable interface. Isn’t it nice to be in charge of your own data?

Links, contact details, online profiles, documents — everything you’d share publicly can have a place on your Aztrix* profile. But therein lies an important condition. (…)

The data you share or collect via Aztrix*is automatically compliant with GDPR guidelines. You can find more information about our privacy policy here.


You can still log into the Aztrix platform here: We are changing Aztrix functionality to support a variety of products and therefore moved our data & privacy management to

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