The web is for everyone.
So are we.

Whether you’re running a business or organisation, establishing a personal brand, or just showcasing your interests and talents—Aztrix* is modular, versatile, and easy to customise.

A digital business card
for your brand

As a company, you have something to say. You want to sell a product or service, share a vision, or maybe even make the world a better place. No matter your goal, Aztrix* helps you share your values, voice, and work just the way you like it — in a straightforward, personal, and authentic way.

That matters, because people are always seeking out more authenticity — especially in the online world. Aztrix* helps you foster deeper, more genuine connections with peers, potential clients, and your online community. And that, in turn, will boost your brand in the long term. Pinky promise.

Share yourself.
* Or that other self.
* Of that other self.
* Or that other…

There are thousands of things that make you ‘you’, both in real life and online. You post photos with friends to your Instagram page and share professional milestones with your LinkedIn community. Maybe you have a book list, a food blog, a YouTube channel, or a DIY podcast you’d like the world to discover. 

Aztrix* helps you to capture it all under one link. A place for everything, and everything in its place. At its core, the internet is about connection. And trust us, if you really put yourself — sorry, yourselves —  out there, it becomes way easier to form those bonds.


Aztrix* is all about simplification. Making things easier. That means we have an answer to any question you might have.

Aztrix* collects all the information you want to share under one link. So, when you create your Aztrix* profile, you decide what you put on there. Think of it as an online business card, or your very own online living room.

The internet is infinite, and that’s part of its power. But this also means our online presence is usually fragmented. There are different parts of you or your brand in all the nooks and crannies of that vast online expanse. Aztrix* helps you show off the whole picture, with one link and a fully customisable interface. Isn’t it nice to be in charge of your own data?

Links, contact details, online profiles, documents — everything you’d share publicly can have a place on your Aztrix* profile. But therein lies an important condition. (…)

The data you share or collect via Aztrix*is automatically compliant with GDPR guidelines. You can find more information about our privacy policy here.


You can still log into the Aztrix platform here: We are changing Aztrix functionality to support a variety of products and therefore moved our data & privacy management to

Create your link. Build your world.

With Aztrix* you share what you want, the way you want. One link, endless possibilities.