Why we do what we do

(and why we think it’s important)

Did you know the smartphones in our pockets are more powerful than the NASA rockets that brought us to the moon? Nope, not kidding. We’re just a few clicks away from everything humanity has ever known. What a luxury, right? But with that luxury also comes noise. The more we share, the messier our digital lives become. That’s because the way we share online is nowhere near as evolved as the technology we use to do it. 

There has to be another way, our founders thought. Everything becomes so much easier if we can decide what and how we share things. If we can manage our data the way we do our bank accounts. Safely, securely, from our own pockets, and more than anything: however we see fit.

That’s the ‘why’ behind Aztrix*. Because much like an * in a text means there’s more information to be found somewhere else, Aztrix* indicates there’s more to say about you or your company. All under one link. That’s none of the noise, all of the luxury.

Create your link. Build your world.

With Aztrix* you share what you want, the way you want. One link, endless possibilities.