How & where best to share your unique link?

Online presence
Are you one of the early adaptors and already have a unique link with accompanying digital business card? Then of course you want to share it in the most effective way. A good online and offline sharing strategy can ensure that you generate more traffic to your channels, but also that you expand your network.

From e-mail signature to QR code: spread your digital business card everywhere

What is a digital business card or “one-link-for-all”?


A digital business card is a landing page where you share your contact details, along with all your company’s other links. It is like one link for all your links. For example links to your website, LinkedIn profile, social channels, specific pages on your website (such as for an event or a contact form) or f.e. a Spotify list. On your unique page, you share everything you want to share with your network, leads and customers.

Ways to share your one-link-for-all


  1. Email signature. The first and perhaps most important place to give your unique link a permanent spot. This way, everyone you communicate with via email will automatically receive your contact details, increasing your professional image and reach.
  2. Social media profiles. Add the link to your bio’s on platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok Instagram and Facebook. After all, on these platforms it is usually possible to share only one link. A win-win! Also consider Pinterest, YouTube, SoundCloud, etc. if applicable.
  3. Via QR code. Generate a QR code that leads to your unique link. You can share this code wherever and whenever you want, online and offline. Are you at a networking event and making valuable contacts? Are you giving a presentation and want to share your contact details at the end? Then share your QR code: easy and convenient.
  4. On your printed material. Camionettes, flyers, posters, brochures, exhibition material, … No more fussing about with different links: you simply share one link or QR code.
  5. In your ads. Both online and offline. Advertisements ensure a wide reach. Through the unique link, you can give people the choice to click through to the link relevant to them.
  6. In business apps. If you use business apps like Slack or Microsoft Teams, you can easily share your digital business card with your colleagues and team members. This makes collaboration and communication more efficient.

Consistency is key


You see: there are endless places and ways to share your digital business card. The key is consistency: always share your one unique link, so there can never be any confusion. This ensures a powerful online presence and professional appearance. Finally, it will make you easy to reach as an entrepreneur, a valuable USP for leads and customers!

Create your link. Build your world.

With Aztrix* you share what you want, the way you want. One link, endless possibilities.