TikTok introduces 1-hour screen time for minors

Watching videos on TikTok: it's an activity in which you quickly get caught up in to for more than an hour. To help their users reduce screen time, TikTok already had the "Daily Screen Time" feature, which limits your maximum daily time on TikTok to a self-selected duration. Did you reach your screen time? Then the app will shut down Do you still want to continue scrolling? Then you have to enter a self-selected access code, after which the app becomes available again.

A TikTok limit for minors

The endless scrolling through videos on TikTok is addictive, according to many. An addiction that many minors are very susceptible to. To avoid that and to ensure the mental & digital well-being of youngsters, TikTok itself is introducing a default maximum screen time on their app. After 60 minutes, the minor gets a notification that his/her screen time is over. Further scrolling is possible by entering a code, which may or may not be set by the parents. This further encourages parental control and keeps them in control of their children’s screen time.

Threshold to scroll further

Blocking the app and asking for a code to be entered should work as a barrier to further scrolling. As a user, you are pulled out of the stream of content, so to speak, and made aware of your screen time. For both minors and adults, this can be a confrontation. In this way, TikTok aims to try to formulate an answer to the concerns people have about their app and bring down the average screen time of their users.

A weekly overview of screen time on TikTok

Besides these and a host of other new features, such as a sleep reminder and a Family-Pairing feature, Tiktok is also announcing a weekly screen time overview. The app will then send you a weekly update on your time on the app over the past week. This data is also visible in a dashboard in the app.

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